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Accidents happen. We know better than anyone that while our customers always take the best care of our equipment it sometimes isn’t enough! We want you to have the ease of mind that you are covered so that you can focus on getting your projects done! With this, we wanted to implement a low cost solution that protects you and your company against any damage or breakdowns that you might have during your rental period!

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Rental Protection Plan (RPP) Terms & Conditions

The Rental Protection Plan (RPP) is an optional program designed to reduce the financial impact on customers in the event of loss, damage, or destruction of rented equipment. It is important to note that the RPP is not an insurance policy but a contractual modification of the customer’s liabilities under the terms of the rental agreement.

1. Financial Coverage:

• Loss of Equipment: Limits customer liability to 10% of the equipment's Fair Market Value (FMV), with a maximum of $1,000 per piece.
• Repair Costs: Caps customer liability for repair costs at 10% of the repair charges, up to $1,000 per equipment piece.
• Tire Repairs: Charges beyond $50 per tire for tire repairs are covered.
• Rental Charges Waiver: No rental charges are levied during the period when damaged or lost equipment is being repaired or replaced.

2. Conditions for Applicability:

• The RPP must be accepted prior to the rental agreement.
• The RPP fee, equivalent to 10% of the gross rental charges, must be paid.
• Full compliance with the rental contract is required.
• The customer's account must be current at the time of loss or damage.
• The plan's benefits apply per equipment piece, per incident.

3. Exclusions:

• The RPP does not cover losses from intentional misuse, failure to report lost equipment within 48 hours, any damage that occurs during improper transportation or for equipment pieces not charged the RPP fee.
• Losses or damages resulting from the Renter's failure to follow the terms and conditions of the standard rental agreement are excluded from the RPP coverage.
• Additionally, any damage or loss arising from the Renter's failure to adhere to the equipment owner’s manual use instructions is not covered under the RPP.
• These exclusions remain the customer’s responsibility.

4. Non-Insurance Clause:

• The RPP does not cover liability for injuries or property damage related to the use of the equipment.

5. Recovery & Ownership:

• If lost equipment is later recovered, Rencon retains ownership regardless of any payment made by the customer or their insurance for the lost equipment.
• The customer is required to return any recovered equipment.

6. Subrogation Rights:

• Rencon is subrogated to the customer's rights to recover from any loss, theft, damage, or destruction of the equipment.

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